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posted on aug 01 by djangolinks

app django extensions

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    Django Extensions

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  • Description: New version of django extensions app Changes: Feature: shell_plus, add --kernel option to start as standalone IPython kernel Feature: reset_db, Programatically determine PostGIS template Feature: sqldiff, add support for PointField and MultiPolygonField Test: renamed test app Fix: runserver_plus, --print-sql for Django 1.7 Fix: shell_plus, --print-sql for Django 1.7 Fix: show_urls, add support for functions that use functools.partial Fix: show_urls, add formatter for aligned output (will most likely become future default) Fix: shell_plus / notebook, support for Django 1.7 Docs: various fixes and improvements Cleanup: Remove work arounds for Django 0.96 and earlier
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