Django 1.5 released !

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posted on feb 26 by djangolinks

1.5 django new release

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    Django 1.5 released !

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  • Description: Django 1.5 introduces support for a configurable User model. The basic Django User model is still around, of course, but now there's first-class support for specifying your own model and having Django's auth system make use of it. Django 1.5 is the first Django release with support for Python 3 (specifically, Python 3.2 and newer). Python 3 support is still considered experimental -- largely because it hasn't received as much real-world testing as we'd like -- but a Python 3 porting guide is available if you'd like to give it a try, and we will be considering Python 3 compatibility bugs to be blockers for future releases. Of course, if you're still comfortable with Python 2, Django continues to offer support for that just as we always have -- though note that the minimum version for Django 1.5 is Python 2.6.5, and Python 2.7.3 or newer is strongly recommended.
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