Boosting teamwork with Vagrant

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posted on jan 23 by djangolinks

2012 djangocon presentation teamwork vagrant

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    Boosting teamwork with Vagrant

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  • Description: Julien Phalip speech in djangocon 2012 about Boosting teamwork with Vagrant
    Benefits of Using Vagrant
    Maintaining consistent development environments over multiple projects is simply an unfeasible task for a modern web developer. Each project depends on its own libraries, message queue systems, databases, frameworks, and more, each with their own versions. In addition to the dependencies, running all these on a single home machine and remembering to turn it all off at the end of the day or when working on other projects is also unfeasible. Vagrant gives you the tools to build unique development environments for each project once and then easily tear them down and rebuild them only when they’re needed so you can save time and frustration.
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